Corrosion Studies

This laboratory offers services to prevent, detect and analyze the degradation problems that arise on metallic materials and their coatings, as well as to propose viable solutions. Corrosion tests can be developed in different ways, from standardized tests to custom-made tests in near-service conditions.

  • Accelerated tests in corrosion chambers.
  • Determination of corrosion speeds and mechanisms. Electrochemical tests.
  • High temperature corrosion tests.
  • Tension corrosion tests.
  • Corrosion management in industrial processes.
  • Study of corrosion and scale inhibition.
  • Selection of corrosion resistant materials.
  • Corrosion failure analysis.
  • Development and optimization of coatings: electrodeposition and application by roll-coater.
  • Corrosion test chambers (salt spray, weather and ultraviolet light aging tests).
  • Potentiostats, electroplating and electrochemical impedance meters.
  • Corrosion simulator in process.
  • Ovens for high temperature tests.
  • Pilot coating line.
  • Pilot corrosion-erosion plant.
  • Pilot plant for phosphating and cataphoresis.
  • Low speed strain traction machine for stress corrosion testing.
  • Goniometer.