Smart products and active materials

Smart products

Product design, new devices, equipment and machine development, that require the integration of mechanical and/or electronic elements in order to operate in a precise, efficient and intelligent way.


We offer a one-stop-shop model to get a turnkey product, covering if necessary the entire process (strategic definition and concept design, detail design, technical and engineering office, prototype manufacturing and industrialization advice).

  • Development of customized products from a mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, electronic and ICT point of view.
  • Manufacture of prototypes in a wide variety of materials and finishes, minimizing development times.
  • Design and development of innovative, customized and connected industrial equipment, machines and plants that meet the demands of the market in all types of sectors (health, automotive, energy, chemical, equipment, construction...).

Our roll-to-roll pilot line for the manufacture of high-tech functional products on low-cost flexible substrates is the result of combining our experience in electronic design, machine manufacturing and process automation.

  • Electronic design
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Process automation

Some types of products in which roll-to-roll manufacturing is being implemented are wearable devices, photovoltaic, sensor arrays (such as ultrasonic sensors for motion detection), lighting and signaling products, sensors electrochemicals, microfluidic systems, flexible optical systems, smart labeling and RFID.


Active Materials

Active, or Smart, materials are the ones that change their behaviour based on the conditions under they operate or by the action of an electric, light, or other stimulus. Due to that, materials can change its colour, transparency or other properties, making them better for a certain use.

We have the technical staff and equipment for offering the execution of activities to companies and interested partners, focussed on applying such knowledge and experience in close to market solutions, letting them become more competitive by applying intelligence to materials.

Photoactive Materials:

Solutions related to materials that vary their properties due to a light stimulus.

Activity Lines:

  • Study and development of luminescent systems.
  • Materials with spectral conversion technology.
  • BIPV (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics) and Smart Windows solutions.
  • Efficient lighting systems.
  • Development of advanced optics systems.
Electroactive materials:

We provide solutions and new materials based on the activity or on the change of properties related to electrical energy.

Activity Lines:

  • Development of electroactive materials.
  • Development of electrochromic materials.
  • Development of photovoltaic systems.
  • Design of photovoltaic-LED-electronic integration solutions.