Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturingis one of the most promising technologies in the transformation towards the digitalization of the industry. From IDONIAL we have extensive experience in these technologies addressing the following areas:

  • First series manufacturing
  • Design for additive manufacturing
  • Simulation and topological optimization
  • Development of materials for additive manufacturing
  • Post Processing Optimization
  • Traceability of the process
  • Implementation of quality methodologies
  • Training adapted to customer needs
  • Ad hoc development / adaptation of Additive Manufacturing machines for specific and / or unconventional needs

For this puprose, we have facilities equipped with everything necessary for the development and demonstration of additive manufacturing solutions on an industrial scale in an integral way.

Our equipment allows us to manufacture parts in a wide variety of materials: metals, polymers, resins, ceramics, composite materials ... In addition, our technicians are experts in redesigning parts to maximize the potential of this technology.


WAAM technology is one of the most promising for 3D printing in those applications and sectors that demand production capabilities of large parts (aeronautics, automotive ...), both to produce integral parts and to carry out refills and corrective repairs as an alternative to the replacement of components that entail high costs associated with downtime and spare parts.

In IDONIAL, the extensive knowledge of more than 20 years of experience in conventional welding processes has been applied to WAAM technology. The center has multitude of resources in: industrial robotics, deposition heads with different input technologies, and vision and sensor methods for process monitoring. Hence, a custom process has been developed to adapt it to the most demanding industry standards in aspects such as: process engineering and development of work systems with different steel grades and titanium in an inert atmosphere, as well as post-process rolling lamination between layers or inspection systems based on thermography in order to ensure absence of defects.

Motorcycle post made with WAAM technology in titanium material. Raw surface finish on the left and post processed finish by milling on the right.



By means of 3D printing technology based on photo curing of resins, it is possible to generate precursors of ceramic material that, after the corresponding thermal post process, allows for 100% high density ceramic pieces featuring high physical-mechanical performance, all with excellent tolerance geometric and surface quality. IDONIAL has the processing and post-processing technology, as well as extensive experience in working with ceramic materials and validation methods.

Ceramics are materials with exceptional thermal and electrical insulating properties. For this reason, at IDONIAL we are working very closely with the industrial and end-use manufacturing sector, for applications on systems in contact with high working temperatures, or subjected to friction wear in service.

Another relevant application of ceramic materials is the bio field. Materials such as tri-calcium phosphate (TCP) are formidable bone substitutes for bone regeneration and tissue engineering applications.

Nozzle 3D printed in alumina material, previously redesigned for 3D printing, meant for industrial process usage. Courtesy of Customer Company / Examples of scaffolds with variable porosities, 3D printed in TCP material.


We have recently launched the AMFACTORi initiative to accelerate the industrialization of additive manufacturing technologies, addressing their integration into production processes and covering the entire value chain, from design to product quality control.

AMFACTORi helps companies explore new business opportunities around these technologies, optimizing their full potential and minimizing risk through cost analysis and business model definition.

In IDONIAL we also address technological projects in this area at regional, national and international levels, and lead strategic initiatives for the definition of new R&D&I policies. In addition, we belong to the Steering Committee of the European Technology Platform for Additive Manufacturing "AM platform" since 2008.

Additive Manufacturing videos