Product and Process Workshop


The product and process technological innovation workshop mainly offers services on:

  • additive manufacturing
  • machining and micromachining
  • mold manufacturing, final parts and functional prototypes in a wide variety of materials

The most used materials when making functional prototypes are metals, polyamides, resins and ceramics.

In addition, our technicians can help you redesign parts to maximize the potential of these technologies.

  • Additive manufacturing of plastic prototypes/ parts in polyamides with or without recharge.
  • Additive manufacturing of metal parts (steels, aluminum, titanium and special alloys).
  • Machining and micro machining of parts.
  • Micro Injection of plastic, metal and ceramic alloys.
  • Short series production by vacuum molding of plastics.
  • Manufacture of large parts (up to 2,000 x 2,000 x 2,500 mm).
Relevant equipment:
  • Additive manufacturing machines for plastic material
  • Additive manufacturing machines for metal material
  • 5-axis Machining Center
  • Micromachining Center
  • Lathe
  • 7 axis robot
R3ALD is the first Spanish online platform of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) aimed at the industrial sector.

R3ALD allows to obtain immediate quotation of the manufacture of parts in different materials and finishes from a file provided by the customer and, always, under the strictest confidentiality.

  • Materials: plastic, resin, plaster...
  • Finishes: painted, tinted, metallic...

R3ALD offers competitive products, very short lead times and adaptation to the rigorous requirements of the industrial sector (equipment goods, aeronautics, automotive, mold and dies, energy, health, ...).

Aimed at any person or engineering/R&D&I department who wants to manufacture a part from a 3D file, either to validate its design or to use it as a final product.