Development of wire Arc Additive Manufacturing processes for Aeronautic large Structures (DAAMAS)

Programme: MANUNET. Transnational Call 2019

Objective: As a leader in driving today’s global economy, aeronautic has a long history of latest technology inventions’early adopter and ultimate trendsetter in manufacturing. Besides endless opportunities, globalization also brings unprecedented challenges such as environmental performance restrictions and a very competitive market conditions. Aeronautic sector eyes Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) process as a way to overcome some of these challenges. The main goal of the project is to introduce WAAM as a valid manufacturing process for high performance medium size structures and components. The expected advantages with respect to other manufacturing processes are a shorter development process and time to market, advantageous oneoff unit production (i.e. demonstrators), the reduction cost of expensive and poorly amortized tooling and more flexibility in terms of feasible geometries. WAAM will allow designers to better serve maximum performance without need to accommodate manufacturing limitations, and the use of exotic materials such as Titanium or aluminium. Additionally during the course of the project an inline non-destructive inspection system will be developed.

Consortium: ACITURRI AEROENGINES, National R&D Insitute for Welding and Material Testing, ITRESA INGENIERIA ASTURIANA DE INFORMATICA INDUSTRIAL S.L.,SC ROBCON TM SRL, (Idonial  subcontracted)

Duration: january 2020 - decembre 2022