Industrial Training Needs Related to Nanofabrication: participate in a survey!

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Nanofabrication has the potential to address major socio-economic challenges, from better and affordable health care to cleaner energy and transports, improved consumer goods and higher living standards. Nanofabrication allows actors to propose novel and enhanced functionalities to their products.

The SUSNANOFAB consortium is selecting a panel of industrial and academic profiles to participate in an international survey. Whether you are knowledgeable in nanofabrication issues or not, your point of view on the challenges that lay ahead are of prime importance. You will take part in an international study to identify and understand today training gaps in nanofabrication. Participate now and help us to understand the relevant training needs for the integration of nanofabrication industrial ecosystem.  The survey will take no more than 3 minutes.



SUSNANOFAB, an H2020 project that bridges the missing links in the nano-fabrication ecosystem.
The objective of this EU project is to promote a competitive nanofabrication industry by unravelling industrials challenges and needs.

Later on, if you are interested, you shall be invited to a workshop to further describe the challenges that you are facing to finally converge to training that needs to be developed.

Thank you!

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